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The Talk Delivered By N.C.K Kiriella – Chairman Ramayana Trail Executive Committee Of The Sri Lankan Tourism Ministry At The Indian Cultural Centre Of The Indian High Commission On July 16th 2009.

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The Ramayana Trail Executive Committee is on the look to prove the historical phase of the Ramayana for which there are historical and archaeological evidence available in Sri Lanka.

World is a web of deeply tangled histories. Continuous evidence of events and the entire build up of past events is history. What is history? It means it thus happened.  History changes with new findings. Archaeology is the study of ancient cultures by excavation and the analysis of its physical remains. The evidence hosted in this website too will change with new findings.

There is evidence as rock inscriptions pertaining to Rishi Thrunabindu, Rishi Pulasthi, Rawana his dynasty and Seetha. Taking all these into thought an attempt is made to indicate the incidents that meet recorded history. The browser may be puzzled by the differing theories of the origins and its analysis.

This website is planned to help the general browser to reach an unbiased conclusion. Rama - Rawana episode was based on a genuine incident but vital evidence are missing. The Rock inscriptions available in Sri Lanka pertaining to Rama Rawana trails would add the so called myths into recorded history.

Taking all these into consideration an attempt is made in this website to illustrate the incidents that deal with recorded history. However, a similar danger will arise if the browser attempt to reach self-confident conclusions based only on recorded history. We leave the browser to assess the findings and reach an unbiased conclusion.

Visitors interested in the history of Ramayana should have a basic knowledge of the pre history of Sri Lanka; or else there can be no understanding of the way the verse, tale and beliefs often pass as history. Tale or legends, as a rule shoot from some historical fact and so it is with Rawana.

This Website is totally administered and updated by the Ramayana Trail Executive Committee which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism in Sri Lanka.

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